Freshwater fish biogeography

One of my main research interests is the global biogeography of freshwater fishes and how it is impacted by human-induced global changes.

Southern Ocean and Climate Change

My second main research area in the Southern Ocean. The Southern Ocean has an extreme position on the temperature gradient, which makes it one of the most sensitive ecosystems to climate change.

Invasive Alien Species

I work on Invasive Alien Species and their impacts on the environment and on human societies. I am specifically interested in predicted which species are most likely to be introduced and spread because of human actions.

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Impact of climate change on species distributions

Climate change acts as a new threat to species. It is important to understand and quantify how climate change threatens species, because, unlike the other threats (e.g. habitat destruction), climate change cannot be easily controlled.

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Rarity indices and conservation indicators

I worked a lot on the rarity of species and assemblages in order to provide useful conservation indicators. I have developped a rarity inidce that can be adjusted to any taxon, spatial scale and geographical area.

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Virtual species and species distribution model improvements

The most widespread tools to assess the sensitivity of species to climate change are niche models (species distribution models). This type of models requires numerous methodological improvmeents and a critical assessment of their robustness. Part of my work focusses on these methodological improvements, especially with the development of a virtual species simulation software in R.

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