Research in Macroecology and Biodiversity Conservation

Correlation plots in R

I have just released the version 1.2 1.2-1 of the Rarity package, and this new version introduces a new function to make what I called “correlation plots”. These correlation plots provide a synthetic and convenient representation of the correlation between 2 or more variables, allowing an easy analysis. The above figure is an example with data of crab sizes (from the package MASS). The plot is split in two: the.. Read More

Rarity package for calculation of Indices of rarity

The package “Rarity”, which allows calculating rarity indices for species and assemblages of species, is now available on the Comprehensive R Archive Network. This package allows easy calculation of the new indices integrating rarity cut-offs; this flexibility allows fitting indices to the considered taxon, geographical area and/or spatial scale, i.e., to the considered database. See the rarity indices section for more details and examples. This package simply requires occurrence data.. Read More