Until now, the main use of this website was as an online CV, to show my research, and, to be honnest, to help me finding a permanenent position in the retlentless world of research.

Well, voilà! It’s done! I’ve been recruited as a lecturer in the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle (Paris), in the lab. Biodiversity & Macroecology, UMR Biology of Aquatic Organisms & Ecosystems. I’ve decided to make profit of this major change in my life to redesign my website, and organise it around a regularly updated blog.




This blog will be centred around a topic common to my current and future research projects: predictions of changes in biodiversity, especially in the face of global change.

I will publish two main types of articles in this blog:

  • articles on current research in this field, written in an accessible style. These articles will include my research as well as other important research published in this field
  • articles on methodological approaches developed in this field, oriented toward researchers and students. This implies articles about R, for example on species distribution models. This will give me the opportunity to share some of my R scripts for advanced uses, as people have advised me to do earlier…


If you are interested in reading what I publish here, feel free to register with your mail on the right hand column, or to use the RSS links (also on the right-hand column) for your favorite RSS reader.